When there is opposition and oppression, especially from the enemy, that reminds us that what we are doing is good. Satan will always bring a full on assault when we are fighting to protect our family, our God, our hope. He will stop at nothing to derail us, which is why we must stop at nothing to keep fighting for what is right. And this can’t be done alone. We need an army of friends, mentors, pastors, anyone who has our best interests in mind. We also need the armor. A daily intake of the Word, bruised knees from prayer. It may get really uncomfortable, but that means we are on the right path. Always fight for what is right. Fight for your marriage and your family. Stick to your values, and align yourself with fellas who hold those same standards.

Walking around these walls again, I thought they would have fallen by now. But God, you have never failed me yet.

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