War Story

I had the honor of filming and recording @nations’ first ever podcast episode at our studio last week, and have been working hard on the cutting board this week to get it prepped for launch.

This first episode was with Steven Elliott, who shares his incredible story of fighting terror alongside Pat Tillman in Ahfganistan, how that narrative played out, and then returning home to fight an even greater war: PTS(d). What an awesome story of hope and redemption. He wrote a book that comes out May 21, and is available NOW for preorder on Amazon. Now he is going up against the government to bring reformation to policies so that soldiers don’t have to endure the suffering that he did.

Excited for you to check out the podcast very soon! I love this quote from the interview:

“I was afraid… What if I go get help, I try everything, and I’m still sick? Then I’m hopeless. I didn’t have the guts to understand how sick I was. To raise my hand and say ‘I’m not doing well, and I can’t fix this on my own’”. •
Mental health isn’t something we will ourselves around. Just like we can’t just power through cancer, broken bones, Lyme or Parkinson’s. We NEED to ask for help. The bravest thing we can do is ask for help.

If you don’t know them, @nations is a killer crew of reformers and storytellers, led by @joel___parker, traveling the globe and sharing stories of absolutely incredible people, shedding light on horrific injustices, and giving the persecuted a voice. I’ve had a chance to travel the world with them over the years showing films and spreading the Gospel. The magazine they release each year is filled with the most insane stories you will ever read! Give them a follow and snag some past issues!

This isn’t an ad, this is the real deal. These guys are making a real difference in the world and to advance the Kingdom. And we can help them do that!

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