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What makes our kids unique? Yours? Lots of things. That’s not a unique statement. Lol. This is something I think we often miss. I know I do, and I see it all too often in our culture. There seems to be this wildly vast divide between those that celebrate, almost worship, uniqueness. Often times they demand others to applaud, and be more like, their uniqueness, which I guess would make us all slightly less unique. And then there are those that demand we all fit in the same box. Same language, same church, same hair, same swagger. Whatever that means.

We boast uniqueness and yet demand all to be like us. Our kids are watching. They follow our lead in this. We have a bent in one direction, they may follow. We swing too far, they may rebel. What is being missed in ALL of this, is that we all are unique. Incredibly unique. Different. No two people look alike. Even identical twins have a different gate (swagger). Our kids are created in our image, biologically. But their minds, and their hearts – oh so unique. And we get so preoccupied with forming them to who we THINK they should be, rather than fostering who they truly are. Not who they think they are, but who they really are. God calls each of us by name. Not the same name – our own name. He gave each of us a different number of hairs, a different voice, a unique set of days, gifts, fruits, talents. I could spend my entire life trying to conform my kids to my desires of who they ought to be. And I can CRUSH them in the process. It is so important that I pay attention to their uniqueness. Those traits may be microscopically subtle, but they are there.

To the dad who forces club ball on their son because they wished they had the opportunity – the dad whose son has giftings in theatre and design, but “should” be bucking wood or starting a business. It’s not bad to encourage our kids to try things. But eventually they develop their own interests re their gifts. It is important we provide them opportunity to explore, learn, try, fail, quit, try something else. I love the idea of “we aren’t quitters”. But we need to recognize the leading of the Spirit in our kid’s hearts. We can’t box them out. 👇🏻

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