Timelines and Things – Pt. 2

My wife and I each experienced way more trauma than anyone ever should, all before we had ever met. And it has been much of the same since that fateful day on January 3, 2008 on my front porch. She was wearing a red dress, and I was on the receiving end of a blind date that was setup, unbeknownst to me. I look back at that moment with such vivid fondness, and a good amount of “what the hell was she thinking?”

I look at that moment now and I hear the thoughts that were in my head at that moment – “Are you sure you want to enter this house? You have no idea what you are getting yourself into”. To which I envision her thoughts of “if you only knew what I have been through just to get to this doorstep – what I have seen, heard, the pain and loss I have experienced. Are you prepared for this? Can you handle this?” We then recounted our dating years, engagement, wedding, and our marriage up to this point. There is NO WAY we should still be married. We were as broken as it gets when we met. We have endured chaos and turmoil, more trauma, such deep pain and loss since. And yet, here we are. In love, pursuing Jesus, engaged with our kids, and moving the ball down the field for the Kingdom. There is simply no way for me to sit here and put to words how ANY of this makes sense. But I can confidently point to Jesus and say “that dude must really love me, because I don’t deserve her, this life, to still be standing.” Yes, He DOES love us that much. And He is writing an extravagantly beautiful narrative through the redemption and restoration that is taking place in her life, my life, our marriage, our kids, our purpose.

I hope this encourages you to take note of your own story. All that you have endured, the pure suck that life has been at times. Or all the time. And if you still have breath in your lungs, God is NOT finished with you yet. No way, no how. I spent 30 years in the thickest, darkest fog I could imagine. But I am still standing, on the strength and grace of Jesus. I have a story to tell. So do you. So tell it.

Location: Crystal Mountain Summit

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