Timelines and Things – Pt. 1

We have recently started meeting with a life coach / marriage counselor to help us strategize, set goals, achieve goals, stick to our values while loving and leading our kids and ourselves well, all while making a living and fulfilling God’s purpose and will for our lives through our marriage and our ministry. We have done counseling throughout our marriage, and we both still engage weekly in personal counseling. We have realized that as different of individuals as we are, we are on the same page in key areas – the most important areas, for the first time in, well, ever. We are so incredibly opposite in how we think, act, behave, that it really is quite the challenge to ever get on the same page AND get some forward movement in these areas.

Since I have returned from my time at the depression center, EVERY area of our lives has been in serious shake and bake mode. God is moving and stretching and growing and pruning in every single area of our lives right now. Kinda feels like a feather pillow getting shoved into a wood chipper over and over again. Stripped down and pruned to the barest of levels. The exciting thing is there isn’t a lot left to prune, which is another way of saying we have no pride left to white knuckle. We are learning to truly pursue Jesus with a wild and reckless abandon. Sure, we still have a ton of moments of bitter selfish pride. But it wasn’t until we truly gave ourselves up did we start seeing some movement. BUT, given both of our career choices, personalities, ministries, purpose, vision, our kid’s health, schooling, visions for the future, work, church, family, friends – a typical Wednesday is more complicated than a lunar landing attempt in the 60’s. And this is AFTER we have pruned almost all we can.

In the initial stages of our meeting with our “life coach”, she asked that we give an in-depth timeline of significant events of each our lives, starting at birth. I went first, and had only gotten to my college years and she stopped me and said “seriously? you need to write a book because you can’t make this stuff up”. I said: “funny, cause I’m only half done, and wait until you hear my wife’s story.”

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