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I love Tuesday mornings. We have gathered a tremendous, unique, diverse, and brilliant group of guys to sharpen, study, learn, grow and live life together. Each of us are either entrepreneurs, creatives, husbands, fathers – a various combo or all of these. One of the things I love most about this group is there are 5 different local churches represented. We are not all from the same home church, but this group is the living manifestation of The Church. Each of our home churches might be different denominations, but that doesn’t matter to us (or Jesus). We all share the same fundamental and important beliefs in Jesus as our one and only Savior. Sure, we each interpret things either slightly or wildly differently, and it can make for some very unique and interesting discussions, but we don’t get hung up on that stuff. Our focus is to love each other the way Jesus has shown us, we inspire each other to love our wives well, lead our kids by example, and to be leaders in our businesses and community that point people to Jesus.

In a digital age, it has become incredibly difficult to find and maintain in-person relationships. So many people that I come across don’t have a community like the one we have on Tuesday mornings. Most of our kids are growing up with their online friends, but have very few friends they hang with. Many fathers I’ve connected with on here find much of their soul food online in various online communities. But NOTHING comes even remotely close to being amongst fellow believers in the flesh. When one of us is having a hard time, there is no word or verse or quote or thesis that can replace a good ole bear hug. We can yack at each other all day long online, but we were meant to be TOGETHER. To gather, break bread and coffee beans, pray, cry, and love. And if all else fails, we speak. We all look forward to that time on Tuesday because of how impactful it is. It is a weekly reset – a chance to share, be vulnerable, be challenged, be encouraged…

98% of what happens in the Secret Life of Dad community happens face to face. I always want to spend much of my effort and time in the presence of fellow dudes. Find community!

Location: Puyallup, Washington

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