The Art of Flight

We have been churning and churning and churning over some really significant life decisions lately. It’s very clear that it’s time to shake things up (like we haven’t already a billion times over). But we have our own compass in our marriage that tells us when it’s time to change some things. And that compass has been steadfast in its lack of movement as of late, which basically means: JUMP.

We are feverishly praying over our kid’s future, our current work setup (both self employed, pushing for a better system and schedule), among a couple other BIG things. This season is influenced by so many factors, and each decision greatly affects all the other choices. There is no simple or right answer. But we know it’s time to just make decisions.

In walks fear. And doubt. And reminders of so many past failures. Hesitation, rumination, delay tactics all want to take precedence over action, movement and momentum. God has made it clear that we are on the cusp of a new season, but it’s so dang hard to jump. This week He has literally used signs and wonders – real attention-getters – to nudge us closer to the edge. But in the end, it’s our choice to jump, or to hang on to the rail.

My hesitation is indicative of my lack of faith and trust. My memories of past failures only compound that. BUT, it’s time to jump. No more psychoanalyzing, operating in fear, ruminating, stalling. Today we pull out the chutte, take a dead sprint down the hill, and trust there will be a wind that picks us up.

“What does that look like?” That has been my most used question, even last night. And I won’t know until I jump. How many stories in the Bible where someone was called to something big was also given the treasure map? Never? We either get a map, or a calling, usually not both, at least in the beginning. If you have a map, JUMP. If you have a calling, JUMP! We might as well all jump together and build that trust muscle. This is why community is so important. We aren’t alone in the leap. Oh, and if we miss our target, we just say “well, Jesus – I blew that one. Will you forgive me and allow me to try again?”

Location: Alyeska Summit

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