SERVE. I heard a sermon via podcast the other day that really opened my eyes to current and past seasons. The speaker said “when you are going through hell, go to the first person you see and serve the crap out of them.” So often we get stuck “naval gazing” during trying seasons; looking down at the ground, so focused on where we are currently at, that we can hardly breathe. When things get tough, all we can think about is how things are tough. We forget about the worlds around us and find ourselves on an island. But the absolute best way to kill time while in a horrible season is to serve others relentlessly. It takes our focus off of US. It won’t take long to find someone near you that is going through something a whole lot worse. When we serve relentlessly, we heal. Our stress is relieved, our myopic thinking ceases, we realize that we aren’t alone… It is often in moments of selfless acts that God lays a hand on our shoulder and says “look back, your troubled season is behind you”. Most often, my kids are in a different season than myself. They could be having an awesome day when I’m not. It is so important to leave my island at the door and get down on the ground and serve them. Sometimes that is just by listening, playing Go Fish, chasing them to exhaustion… The next time a bad day strikes, go out of your way to find someone to serve. You will quickly find someone that really needed a helping hand. By serving them you are helping yourself. Don’t look down, look up.

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