Sitting here at a gas station, only fumes in the tank, and only red numbers in the bank account. Wish this was the first time this has happened. Kind of funny that it happens to be at the same gas station as last time. I had driven to a shoot this morning, but the client forget and I was stood up. Which meant no check was received. We have been in a very long season of being unsure where our next paycheck would come from, or if it would come. This season has been littered with flakey clients, lost invoices, checks arriving months late. We are fully dependent on our daily manna, because that is all we have in this season. Lots of time wondering if we would have to sell the house, car, body parts (kidding)… So when I show up to a shoot and our daily manna isn’t there, frustration runneth over. Stuck here, the only thing I could do was turn on the song Do It Again from Elevation, for the hundredth time. “Walking around these walls, I thought by now they’d fall. But you have never failed me yet.” In the bleakest of situations, thankful that hope still remains. Even if it means walking around these walls for another 20 years. Gosh that would suck. But, there still is hope. I either choose frustration, or hope in faith. There is no one to blame. There is no one to point figures at. God has brought us into this wilderness to teach and refine us. We will be here until that refining is complete. We are not in the wilderness as punishment, as we so often believe. No one can rescue us or pull us out. Only God says when this season has come to a close. If we stay in frustration, we may never leave. If we stay here with hope, there is a brighter day ahead! #secretlifeofdad #film

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