Right – Wright – Rite – Write

This really is an interesting time to raise young kids. With the amount of info thrown at us minute by minute, I sometimes catch myself saying something to my kids that I totally don’t even believe, I just happened to read it that day and it came out during a teachable moment. Thankfully I usually catch it before saying it. There is a constant stream of opinions, fake news, bad teaching, or truth wrapped in agenda, theology, hatred. What is severely lacking is love and relationship. We all know the saying “would you rather be right than married?” From what I’m observing not just online, but in day to day conversations, we are choosing “right” over “married” (relationship).

We want to keep teaching our kids to value relationships over opinions. We believe that is what Jesus did. He never forsake what is right. Yet when the Pharisees were arming themselves with stones to throw, Jesus stepped in every time to extend love, grace – relationship. It happened time and time again. So why is it that we aren’t seeing that anymore. In the church, out of church, online, offline. We are choosing to die on all sorts of hills, just not the good hill. Much of it is over frivolous stuff, as well as faith, parenting, politics, vaccines, diets. But bigger than all these is love. Jesus never left his values, all the while chose to engage in relationship rather than a debate. I find myself drifting towards winning my “point” in marital discussions, while also driving a wedge in the process. What’s the point of being right, if we crush our wife, kids, friends, passerbyers in the process? I rarely, if ever, engage in debates, because we are now so quick to fight. I have my opinion, they have theirs. Is it more important for me to change their opinion or to love them? I’m likely not going to change their opinion. Why die trying, when I can show them life and truth simply by loving.

When was the last time you saw something posted online and it radically changed your opinion or view of something that you passionately opposed before? Never, probably. We are lovers, not fighters.

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