I’ve really been longing for some rhythm in life. It seems like every single road traveled has an unmarked speed bump. Totally throws you off and disrupts any rhythm. The key to long hikes and summiting is to find a groove. Sure there is pain in the thighs and lungs right out the gate, but after 30 minutes you mentally just lock in and go for hours and hours.

It kind of reminds me of Seahawks games. When was the last game you watched and felt joyful and encouraged after it, especially wins? Most wins, I still feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap and repent, because there hardly is any rhythm. The coaches and players say a win is a win. But for us fans, it often just feels gross.

Life has been that way all too often lately. Just out of sync and no rhythm. Get the car started and it dies (metaphor). Over and over again. Try one thing, no rhythm. Try another, no rhythm. Life, work, play, finances, faith; all lacking rhythm. Especially home life. Things get good for 2 days and a kid gets sick for 3 weeks. Oh and marriage? Date night once a quarter is not much rhythm. Everything is a grind. Even trying to find a rhythm is a grind. Will there ever be rhythm? Do these seasons last a fiscal quarter or a half decade? Have you found any tried and true ways to sustain rhythm? I never did hit the curve very well in baseball, even when I moved up in the box (opposing coaches hated it). How do you anticipate life’s curves and just keep on grooving like the Emperor (lama)?

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