Remember Me Not

I’m not a very good entrepreneur. Not by the standards taught in my business school courses that I took before switching majors 17 times. I didn’t complete biz school. I didn’t come from an entrepreneur family. I hate the hustle fad. Growth numbers are boring. I DESPISE marketing, especially myself. It’s hard to find long-lasting success in the creative world without “making a name for yourself”.

And yet, I find myself an entrepreneur. I have 7-8 brands I could / “should” be promoting. All of them are attached to a revenue stream. Nearly all are in the creative realm. And to successfully market, I “should” attach my name to them and showcase talent, ability and hustle in order to gain clients. And who doesn’t have a brand they are promoting these days? Our generation has shifted dramatically from how our parents earned a living, and now 90%+ of my friends own a business or brand. Not a bad thing.

I heard the song “Legacy” by Casting Crowns the other day, not for the first time, but it wrecked me. “I don’t want to leave a legacy – I don’t care if they remember me – Jesus is the only name to remember”. It’s what I have felt for so long, perfectly written as a song, to remind me what I need to continue striving for. Less watermarks and logos and websites and brands and me – especially if it doesn’t point to Jesus. Gosh that’s hard as a creative entrepreneur. But what I need to strive for. We can’t promote us and Him simultaneously, even though we may think we are. Paul had such a massive following, yet never pointed people once to his name or business or brand or… I risk too much trying to grow my brand, saying it’s for the Kingdom. This won’t set well with many, as it’s hard for me to swallow. I can’t deny the truth behind the words: my legacy can’t be about my work, my name or what I leave behind – if people only remember me, and don’t think of Jesus, I whiffed. There is no legacy to leave.

I’ve spent tons of hours and 💰 recently on branding and sites. But I’m asking myself: Why? Which direction will it point people? If we attract attention, then their eyes are on us, not Him. Do I grow this “brand”, or will He? Must “growth” happen?

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