Prune Juice

It has been the topic of many conversations lately. Often around other business owners and entrepreneurs. It seems many of us are going through a pretty violent pruning, a purge, specifically in the workplace. What has been interesting is many of us recognized that our companies or brands or other were up a little too high on a pedestal. Our identities have been tied to it – married to it.

So often, we are known by what we do, not necessarily who we are. This challenge is particularly great among men. How often have you been introduced to someone new and then the first question asked is “what do you do for work?” It would be kinda funny if we all started replacing that question with “how’s your marriage?” or “do your kids love you?” This pruning that is taking place is ripping businesses right out of people’s hands. Their treasure, their hard work, the name and company they built and – poof. Gone. I get kinda excited when I hear this happening because I’ve experienced it far too many times, and I know that there is so much great learning that comes from these seasons. And the fruit that follows. It’s easier to just plant more apple trees than it is to try and get one apple tree to grow the fruit of many. That would require far too many branches, and the tree would fall over regardless. It NEEDS to be pruned. Or it will spit out a few wormed-holed apples and that’s it. The rest of the apples never get a chance to grow because the branches were suffocated.

I really do hate pruning seasons. A lot. But I have come to really appreciate them. The more I embrace the lopping off of limbs in my life, the easier it will be. It’s the white-knuckled, deer in the headlights-faced guy that would be utterly lost without his career that is going to have the hardest time in a pruning season.

We come into the world nude, and we go out nude, and hairier. We need open hands. God gives, and He takes. All in love and with a great purpose. A heart that is pruned is a heart that is healthy, and holy. We were given hands to work. But we are called to disciple, love, serve. Sometimes career and ministry, gets in the way. Pruning is really just reprioritizing our time.

Location: Haiti

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