All my kids ever want to do is play. And I LOVE that. Somewhere along the way, that passion fades. Sure, responsibilities rise, but the passion to play shouldn’t. We make every possible excuse to not make time to play. We have believed that God worked hard for 6 days and was so tired that He needed to rest on the seventh. And now that justifies our 24/7 raging hustle, and we are lucky to actually take the 7th to rest. But the truth is, when God was creating Creation, it wasn’t a frenzied hustle – it was art, poetry, passion, love, play, excitement, pursuit… He then took a day simply to admire His incredible Creation in a very restful, peaceful manner.

Now I am finding it near impossible to peel away from the computer, emails, and responsibility to go play and rest. Partly because I believed those things are reserved for Sunday, or the “sabbath”. And partly because I have given “responsibility” my heart. Gross. A big part of Jesus’ character is playful, so if I am not making time for that consistently, DAILY, I am not engaging a big part of my Creator’s spirit. We have become too serious, too focused, too adult. Jesus constantly talked about children as having what we lack.

In my 6 months home, play was all but eliminated from my life. Responsibilities were incredibly high, our schedule became a frenzy, and I find time FLYING by. “I’ll make time to play next week” was my constant excuse. This weekend, we finally got out to play. HARD. Golf, hike, biking, tickles, family time. When I hit the office Tuesday, it was no surprise my focus and spirit were much more aligned with where I believe Jesus wants us to be. We can actually play in our work, regardless of what we do. It doesn’t take a whole day to play, but only a few moments. Let’s take our day to day FAR less serious. If I don’t make time to play now, I’m making time later for illness. Mental and physical turmoil are for certain.

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