PARTNERSHIPS. They are hard. Really, really hard. For them to work, it requires each party to focus almost entirely on the benefit of the other members, while nearly forfeiting your own wishes. But our nature, and our culture, makes this very hard. Mickelson and Bones, one of the great sports partnerships, ended after an incredible 25 year run. Rory Mcilroy parted ways with his caddy in an effort to preserve a friendship rather than force a partnership. Think of Facebook. The Beatles. McDonald and Heinz Ketchup. Some of the greatest brands we know, dramatically affected by broken partnerships between people. 80% of business partnerships fail. That’s not a good number. Even worse? 50% of marriages fail. Half of the planet’s marriages fail. At some point, one or both parties decides to no longer die to themselves for the purpose of serving their spouse. We stop saying “I’m sorry”, or “I forgive you”. Rather than intentionally serving our spouse like we did during the honeymoon phase of marriage, we start wanting to be served. And after we don’t get what we want long enough, things unravel. But marriage isn’t about feeling good. It’s about commitment, purpose, partnering with someone for a lifetime to serve a greater cause. Marriage isn’t just about being happy. In fact, it’s hardly about being happy. It is about a generational cause. It’s for our great grandkids. We may be long gone before our purpose is known. We must choose to stay married as if our grandkid’s lives depended on it. (Granted, bad things happen and some broken marriages are inevitable – but even those marriages can be restored, or it will lead to something miraculous). The point? Marriage is the one partnership that you must fight to the death to preserve. We are commanded to serve our bride to our death. “But my wife left me.” How hard are you fighting for her? When was the last time you begged for forgiveness? In all honesty, not often enough for me. How about you? Let’s fight harder for that beautiful brunette we get to call our bride. We cannot LET this partnership fail. They may never serve us how we want, but we COMMITTED to make her best interests come first

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