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My little superhero is going in for surgery this am. It is the next big step in tackling his health in an effort to greatly reduce illness, asthma, deafness, among many others. Tonsils out and ear tubes in.

If you’ve known me long enough, you’ve heard 1 of 20+ black out stories. I have zero fear of needles or blood, but something in my brain trips every time. I, too, had my tonsils out. I was 25, sick all the time, and needed a change. The nurse couldn’t find my vein, and I blacked out w/out anesthesia, and then came to, raving about Carrie Underwood to @theliser 🤦🏻‍♂️

We are believing for a tremendous improvement in quality of life for him. He has not gone a day in his nearly 4 years without suffering and being significantly limited in daily life. As a daddy, I want nothing but for him to have the very best opportunity to thrive. As I have prayed over him at night while laying in his fort bed, I am reminded that health and healing isn’t guaranteed in this life. And that is so hard to swallow. It’s easy to fall into the trap in thinking that if I just pray more, pray harder, read more Bible chapters, that he will be healed. My natural posture is to assume that if bad things are happening to my kids, that I suck as a follower of Jesus. I am reminding myself this morning as he goes under that my thinking just isn’t reality. Jesus loves him and me and you the same, regardless of our “performance”. While I have great hope for healing, I know that our one true Hope is in Jesus’ love. He promised that things can get really really hard in this life if we choose to follow Him. One thing remains: His constant, never changing love for us. I am praying my face off that my son could experience freedom, but I also know that it may not be, and that’s ok, as long as I can show him where our Hope comes from. It’s hard to teach that to a 3 y.o., but even last night as he mimicked every single move I made as we mowed the lawn, where I lead him, he will follow. Let’s run to Jesus, little buddy. Let’s run to him in the good times and bad. We can lean on each other, and trust in Jesus’ love. What a gift!

O/U I pass out today?

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