My beautiful wife @perfectlywonderfullymade has an amazing podcast about motherhood, parenting and real life. I get the pleasure of producing it, so I get to listen to some amazing people share their powerful stories. We just set out on season 2, and her first interview is with our friend Katie Gruener. She has a rad farm south of us, and a beautiful family. She mentioned something during the episode this week that got me thinking.

“We don’t allow our kids to say ‘I cant’, rather ‘I will try’”. We do the same with our kids, but hearing someone else say it brought some new perspective. Mostly, I was curious as to why many young kids easily have ‘I cant’ high in their vocab, but not ‘I can do this!’ I began thinking: why is that? Why do so many kids share the same vocab at such an early age? Where do they hear it from? Easy answer: 😬👈🏻. Me. They get it from us. My daughter was on the wall this Saturday at the Y, a wall she has climbed to the top several times, and she got a quarter of the way up and yelled out “I can’t!” I thought: what do you mean? You’ve done this a dozen times before! But yet in all the in-between moments, I’m either telling them they can’t do something, or I’m telling Jesus I can’t do something. Or that He can’t do something. Basically, she is observing doubt and fear in me, not confidence. Remember those NO FEAR shirts back in the day?

Yes, young kids dont know what’s best for them so they want everything always. My daughter is known for doing everything at 110%. So I do have to remind the kids they “can’t” eat 173 skittles. Really, they can, I tell them, but it’s a choice. “You CAN climb the wall. But will you?” I CAN trust Jesus. Will I?

I will try. Because I can.

Location: Gordon Family YMCA

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