In the age of social media, information, stories, opinions, news, lies, causes and movements spread like mad. Information has never traveled so fast. And much of it leaves as quickly as it came. People are up in arms about something one day and something else the next. Unified one day, divided the next.

Certain social and cultural movements are frivolous and fade off. Other movements MUST withstand, yet they too, fade off. Remember when the #metoo movement started? One brave woman stepped forward, in the face of tremendous adversity, and shared some terrible secrets about being abused. This sparked a movement that has been in the making for centuries. Woman after woman stepped forward and brought light to a world that only shame, and fear, had resided. Men, many whom were in power, used that power to coerce and abuse women. There has never been much accountability. While much has changed, much has gone unchanged. Why? Because men haven’t joined the cause vocally. Few have quietly supported, yet many raucously rioted.

This isn’t a political post. It’s a confession. I, too, sit here saying #metoo. Sexually abused, on multiple occasions, by older men. While it didn’t appear to be abuse at the time, and while shame did it’s job to silent me, I have recently chosen to hide in the dark no longer. This isn’t to take away from a predominantly women’s movement. It’s only to say, I too, am a victim. And I too, am part of the problem. And I too, am part of the solution. The more of us who share our stories, the more movement we will see. Like a fire lookout, hatches open, letting the summer light in, baring all shame and hurt. We can’t be a fire lookout in the winter, cinched tight. That does NO ONE any good.

Speak truth. LOUDLY. As brutal as it is. Abused or not. Nothing fun about sharing our garbage. But if it gives courage to someone else, then we need to speak up. Abusers act out of pain and brokenness. They, too, need hope and healing. We all do. Light brings truth. Darkness harbors shame. And just maybe, you’ll find the ability to forgive in the process. I didn’t think it was possible, but it is. It starts by raising your hand. Even to just one person.

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