I’ve always known that everything is temporary. Well, at least I’ve always been taught that, though easily forgotten. So the importance of not putting our identity in anything other than Christ is imperative. That lesson was of course relearned when my childhood home burned to the ground in January. That place was life. And after 35 years of it evolving into what it was, 4 fire-y hours later it was gone. But the people and the memories weren’t. At any moment, anything we have built or worked for or created can be gone. After 8 months of 12-14 hour days grinding and hustling to create something in the marketplace, poof, try again. Had that been my identity, it would have crushed me. But more and more, I relearn that my career, house, fatherhood, marriage, bank account… those are not my identity. At any moment those can vanish. But we can choose to still be standing tall when the dust settles. Michael Bennett from the Seahawks was recently asked why he skipped voluntary workouts: football isn’t life. Life is life. What will I do when football goes away? I’m investing in my wife and kids so that when football gets taken from me, I still know who I am. (paraphrased)

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