Tim Cook, Apple CEO, once said: “Is your story worth the trade-off of your privacy?” Meaning, you have a story to tell. If you are concerned about what people think about you, you probably won’t ever make a difference. At least not at the potential that you could. It takes tremendous courage to talk about who you really are. What you really are thinking. The reality of the struggles you face. If there is people in your life preventing you from achieving your dreams, preventing you from telling your story, preventing you from being honest with yourself and others, it is ok to remove them from your circle. YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL. So tell it. Don’t hide behind pride, fear, shame, the desire to impress. Be open. Be vulnerable. Remember, faking it won’t fix it. So many times I have not been offered opportunities simply because I was the only one in the room to speak honestly. To share my history. To expose darkness within me. I wasn’t the only one who had darkness, but I was the only who who spoke about it. And that scares people who aren’t honest with themselves. They will suppress you because you showed vulnerability. But that is OK. A better opportunity will come to those who are meek. You don’t want to be around those who will crush your dreams because you were honest. Own your story. Be open about your weaknesses and difficulties. Because someone else out there also has those weaknesses, and are waiting for someone to speak up for them. Contend for them. Jesus wasn’t an advocate, because often, advocates just talk about something. To contend for someone means to crawl in the foxhole with them and suffer with them. That person is you. Forsake your privacy, your fear, and your shame. Trust that your story is bigger than you, and a story that needs to be told. Sure, it may scare some people, and they will not want you around. But I assure you that those same people are much more broken than you are. Eventually, everything in darkness will come to light. Don’t hide from your story any longer. Do you believe God is big enough to use your story to save others from themselves? “Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams” (Michael Port), and the dreams God has for you.

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