King’s Too Soon

News out of Florida this week is incredibly disturbing as we hear about high level, we’ll known public sporting figures that are being charged for involvement in prostitution and, inevitably, human trafficking. I don’t know the facts, nor will I make judgements or accusations as I am not there and don’t know the full story. What I do know, is this is nothing new. And that is not a good thing. As long as we view pornographic content in secret, as long as we watch Netflix shows with heavy sexual content, as long as we go to similar movies, as long as we use women (and men) to sell products through advertising, as long as we don’t stand up as men and say anything, as long as we don’t protest, as long as we feed our flesh, human trafficking, prostitution, sex addiction and sexual abuse will be a problem.

If we aren’t ACTIVELY part of the solution, we are part of the problem. The little choices we make in the evening when selecting an MA-rated Netflix series or clicking on IG accounts we probably shouldn’t… We are either a statistic that helps the trafficking industry grow by the clicks we make, or we are part of the solution by making better choices. No “winningest owner in NFL history” title will ever make us immune to the fall. In fact, that limelight and pressure and expectations will make it that much more difficult to live a pure and holy life.

I have been far from perfect, hence why I can’t pass judgement. But as a father, in a season where I am teaching my kids about the importance of wise choices, I too, need to be making wise choices.

Many of us become business leaders, pastors, mayors, presidents… whether we are ready or not. Will we have the foundation that withstands that pressure? Or will the little choices we make now contribute to our collapse? We need to shout loudly for what is right, for the sake of those being sold for sex, as well as for our own sake so that we don’t find ourselves on the news later for the wrong reasons. Many have become king’s too soon – power, money, fame – before any strong foundation was in place. We need to show our kids how to make wise decisions so they, too, don’t end up in the wrong industry.

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