Suicide is an epidemic right now. Actually it always has been, but we are hearing more and more about it. It’s something people either don’t take seriously, or are uncomfortable talking about. It is not too early to talk to your kids or family about suicide and mental health. Our community lost a 13 year old to suicide in the last several hours. We have been affected by suicide almost a dozen times in our family/ friend circle. It’s time we talk to our kids about mental health. It’s time we treat our neighbors with greater kindness. I’ve dealt with mental health struggles my entire adult life, and while I have never contemplated suicide, I could see how one gets to that point. Depression is like cancer of the mind. An elephant sitting on your chest and never leaving. Sometimes that pain is so great, death seems like the best option. For those that don’t struggle with it, take the time to learn more about it. You can’t see depression like you can see cancer in a blood test. But it is just as real. Talk to your kids this week. And every week. Reach out to a friend that seems to be doing just fine. I bet they aren’t. Be kind to the person in the car in front of you. Say hi to your neighbor or the lady at the gas pump. We need to talk about this. We need to be kind and love. Lives are at stake. Prayers for the families of AB and KS, as well as our 13 year old friend, and the thousands of others we lose EVERY day.

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