Fall and Rise and Sneakers

Today was special. I love a good comeback story! Who doesn’t? And seeing Tiger embrace his son with such love and joy – the story is just so good.

My very first day caddying on tour was in Boston ‘06; Tiger was next to us on the range. He was dunking balls with a wedge into a trash can 30 yards out. “Yup, he’s just as good in person”, I said, a little too loudly. He ended up winning that event. I got to see him again in 15 at the local US Open, when his game was not quite where we saw it today – these photos are from that week.

“I’m not really rooting for Tiger.” “Why?” “He had an affair and his personal life is a mess.” Wait, what? I hate that I’ve had that conversation more than once over the years. So, when someone makes a mistake, we no longer root for them? Not just as an athlete, but as a human? I find it impossible to believe that if Jesus was sitting in the third row on the 18th green today, his arms would be crossed in disappointment of choices made years ago, or a week ago. Jesus is ALWAYS for us. Always. What makes Tiger’s story so special is God is writing an incredible narrative, with the best golfer in history, to show His love for us. That beautiful clip of Tiger embracing his father before he passed, and today when he picked his son up after victory. Our REDEMPTION.

Have you seen the video of all the “famous” reporters saying Tiger would never make it again, as Tiger is watching on an iPad? WE, Christians, are those naysayers. So dang quick to dismiss a public figure because of poor choices. Please don’t think for a moment I condone any bad behavior. But we are getting our priorities mixed up. The commandment was to love each other FIRST. Not to call each other’s garbage w/out love. That’s sin.

Nothing makes me rage faster than when I hear Christian leaders speaking poorly – gossiping- about other Christian leaders. Or anyone, for that matter. Regardless of what “sneakers” they wear or how they spend their money or… I’ve done horrible things. So I have no words to give but love, as that was what I was given. What I need to exemplify for my kids. Feed the fire with love, not fire. Thanks, Tiger, for no quit!

Location: Chambers Bay Golf Course

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