Let no man fall off a cliff. The Bible talks very clearly about the importance of speaking up when someone is headed for danger, or death, in their life. The choices they make actually are our business. Especially as friends, and brothers in Christ. I hold this principle very near and dear. I absolutely expect my friends to call me out, privately and respectfully, when my actions aren’t aligned with my mission, my heart, and the Gospel. And I make sure to align myself with people who will do that. Who ask the tough questions, aren’t afraid of hurting my feelings in an effort to save my life. I’d rather a friend get in my face, than let me sin. Unfortunately our generation is all too sensitive and takes offense too easily, making this closeness of friendship very hard to sustain. Too many relationships have gone distant because I’ve chosen to hold someone accountable, especially when they ask, and then they are offended when I do just that. If we want to be real men, real dads, we need to chose relationship and iron sharpening over taking offense. If you find yourself feeling offended, maybe, just maybe, that conviction is real. Surround yourself with guys who want to see you win. And don’t let pride take you down when someone calls your stuff. The enemy wants to see you fail, and hates relationship. So be sure to have good fellas around, and allow them to honorably chew you out when you slip. We don’t need to be drill sergeants, but when we are headed for a cliff, a good wake up call from a friend is very necessary. #secretlifeofdad

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