I have a hard time being around the house all the time. I like to be out and about, going on adventures and teaching the kids new things. But parenting kinda turns us all in to home-bodies.

I try to plan fun things to do with the kids, but 7/10 times it fails miserably. One kid didn’t nap. The other goes to bed soon. One has a rash on his butt. The other has school tomorrow. There is almost always something that tries to crash the party.

I had a fun evening planned with our daughter to head to a baseball game with some friends. Her favorite mascot is there, we had her outfit all ready to go, she was so stoked… She just needed to eat a few bites of dinner and we could head out. The bites never happened. Instead it was gnashing at the teeth, cascading tears, crying about everything, disobedience, stubbornness… So, to turn it into a teaching moment, I had to cancel the plans. We opted for bath and bed. I was so looking forward to the memories made and bonding time with her. The terrible threes are a vigilant beast. But she has been exercising her will feverishly lately, and loves to act like the boss. Sacrifice for the principle.

Here’s to another Friday night that feels more like a Monday. Early bedtimes, chores, tending to kids that hate sleep. I love it and hate it. Mostly love. But just being honest…

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