3 Minute Mile

2 months ago today, I gave my “Coin Out” speech after a month in a depression treatment center. 5 of us sat in front of the 25 who were continuing the program to give our thoughts on our time in the program, share our fears of re-entering atmosphere (the real world), and to encourage those continuing in their treatment journey.

Imagine running at a decent pace on a treadmill in a gym, top speed of your intervals, and you need to sneeze. We’ve all had to step onto the side rails of a treadmill for one reason or another. Remember what it’s like hoping back onto the treadmill at the same speed you left it? For a light-jog pace, no problem. At a dead sprint, a little challenging. Our legs weren’t meant to go from 0 to full speed instantly.

My time at the treatment center was a bit like standing on the side rails of a treadmill – a long break to refocus my heart, soul, identity in Christ, to heal, forgive, find Hope. Coming back to the real world is like trying to jump onto that treadmill at a dead sprint. Life has brought the rain. And fire. And hail. And locusts. Plague. Joker. Thanos. Papyrus font.

While it has been a dead sprint through an obstacle course, I can look back on the last 60 days and see movement, change, progress, healing, the work and Hand of Jesus. It hasn’t been as good as we hoped. But it has given us Hope! We have sat in the furnace, yet we are still standing.

There is Hope! It requires you to take it. Own it. Live in Grace. I have such a long ways to go. Peace and balance and trust are still goals, not realities. But I’m still standing. And you can too. Surrender but don’t quit. Fall on your face but stand tall. The view now is so much better than the valley of despair. The view in the furnace is actually quite incredible when you’re not being burned. Even the fastest mile ever run (3:43:13) started with a couple slow steps to get up to speed. But sometimes we just have to hit the ground running. The more our identity is SOLELY in Jesus, the better change we have of not being turned into a GIF video from face planting on the treadmill.

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