Tride Called Nest(or)

Basically, if you haven’t heard from me in a while, all hell broke loose lol. But the cool thing is, I froze hell and made it out alive. Life likes to happen all too often. I frequently remind my buddy that he will never spend a single day with me where the crazy doesn’t happen. I attract chaos for some reason. I believe it is the enemy’s way of trying to take me out. He throws napalm and haymakers from sun up to sun down. But there is too much fight in me. I give all the credit to my tribe. We simply couldn’t survive this life if not for people in our corner praying and supporting us day and night. You HAVE to find those people. They are insanely rare to find. But once you do, hold on for dear life. It requires wicked selflessness in those people, which is near impossible to find.

I used to look for Jesus in the wind and woods and waves. Now I find him in the people next to me. Beg someone to join your tribe, ask them to hold you to excellence, and never quit asking. Otherwise, it can be a lonely fire lookout surrounded by lightening and wildfires (of course those who know me know I would live in one of these). But that is exactly what the enemy wants. To isolate. He can easily kill a lone sheep. A lot harder to kill a pack of wolves. Tag someone in your tribe and say thanks for sticking through it. I have several guys to thank, but this week, I’m especially thankful for @ryan_fred for sticking close for decades, dreaming big, pure loyalty, and asking hard questions. For @eddydizon because he relentlessly pursues real brotherhood. For @paul_funk who is always down for an adventure and quality time with our boys, and @shaunnestor_ who is literally the most selfless dude I know. Cheers fellas 🍻