“Who told you that you are coming up short as a parent, husband, son, even though you are growing and trying?” Excerpt from @stevenfurtick’s Crash the Chatterbox book.

I don’t know about you, but my head-space is constantly filled with negative yacking from the enemy. I get so tired of it. It’s hard to sit on the couch for point three minutes before my mind goes to crap. I’m learning that I can’t control those thoughts. All I can control is how I respond to them. I have to constantly remind myself of the promises God has spoken over me. The Chatterbox will never go away. It will be there until the day we die, constantly and annoyingly reminding us of our sin, our failures, how much we suck at life. But we have to arm ourselves with those promises in the Bible. They are our armor. We can’t shut up the Chatterbox. But we can sure learn to deal with it and be able to move forward every day despite the noise.

What is your Chatterbox saying? For me, it’s been discouragement, frustration, doubt. And if I do nothing about it, it robs me of peace, joy, breath. It’s time to locate the lies and push them back with truth and the armor of God. We can’t do this alone. We need each other to constantly encourage while the enemy is constantly trying to discourage. Find someone to encourage today and daily. We can’t expect to stay in shape when we jog once a month. This requires a daily commitment. Let’s shut the noise up!