How long have you been in your wilderness? 3 weeks? 6 months? 2 years? Is it addiction? Infidelity? Health, relationships, abuse, debt, anger, hopelessness, depression, divorce? Can I give you some encouragement? God’s timing is not linear or even comprehensible. I have spent nearly 20 years in the wilderness in 3 very significant areas of my life, which has caused just about every other area to fall into the wild. But 20 years in the darkness, God made fully light in 10 days. TEN. DAYS. We never know when God may pull us out of the valley of death. But if we stay focused on Him, he WILL redeem us. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next decade. Jesus will show himself in the most obscure places. Which means we CAN’T do life alone. Surround yourself with people that will be the hands and feet of Jesus in your life. Because you never know when and who God will use to say “enough with the darkness. Come to light.” We were made to thrive, not survive. Stick to your faith, surround yourself with warriors, and be expectant. God has a plan. Do not give up, no matter how bleak your circumstances. Mine were dismal, yet God used that to make my story even greater!