Fake Empire

“We spend much of our free time on Netflix and Facebook. God spends every moment of His free time feverishly pursuing us, longing for us, thinking about us and getting to know us.” Heard this on a podcast recently. Really made me think about how much time we really do waste. And going in to the holiday season when it’s dark early and easy to waste away every single evening with a Christmas special or a new series, I’m realizing more and more the importance of pursuing God with the same vigor that he pursues is with. It’s so easy to get caught up in the urge to catch up on the DVR and Hallmark. But what is at stake if we do that day in and day out? Looking at this time change and early darkness with new light as a time to read, write, think, pray, talk, have community, serve, rest, walk, meditate and just hang by the fire and zone out. I dare you to upend the status quo of watching show after show after show. God is longing to spend time with us. To teach us and lead us. To show us our desires and purpose. A little bit of effort quickly turns in to a rejuvenation of our Spirit, energy and mind. Not to mention our marriage and relationship with our children. Without a TV to constantly distract us, imagine how good our conversation and relationships might be.