Father’s Day

For many, this Father’s Day is a miracle. Either through an unlikely adoption, beating cancer, surviving a car crash… today is full of joy and totally a miracle. For many more, today is a tragedy. A day that reminds of a daddy taken too soon. Or a dad who simply wasn’t there. Many families have recently been broken. Many have been restored. Fatherhood is one of the most important, and incredibly underrated, relationships there is. The responsibility is paramount. The challenge is no joke. But today is a reminder for those of us that are dad’s, that we have been called to something greater than us. It is on us to lead, steward, teach, protect, provide and LOVE our families. Whether we get to be dad’s for a few years or several decades, let us be all-in and without reserve in our love, patience and stewardship of our kids. That responsibility is there until the day we die. Young dads and old dads, we are are called to something great. Stop at nothing to lead your children to greatness. Teach them to love fiercely, to serve daily, and to live without regrets. If you are hurting today, we are praying with you. If you are happy, we are dancing with you. It’s NEVER to late to choose to dad with greatness.

Hands-Free Dad

Dad’s, I’m going hands-free and you should too.
My kids are at the age where they absorb EVERYTHING. Nothing gets past them. And they do and say exactly as I do and say. In an age where technology is literally everywhere, always, I’m choosing to make a stand.

I’m going hands-free at home with my phone. I set it down when I walk in the door and don’t pick it up until after they go to bed. I can tap the home button if needed to check for emergencies, but otherwise, I’m not picking it up. I don’t want them to remember me for how much time I spent head down, scrolling. We think that the little things we do don’t matter. But when around kids, everything matters! They need to grow up knowing that my hands, and more importantly my attention, were always available to lend them a hand, pick them up, carry them, teach them and hug them. My daughter used to say “daddy, stop your phone”. That always got my attention. Now I pledge to give them my attention. 📷: @caskro


Life is Life

I’ve always known that everything is temporary. Well, at least I’ve always been taught that, though easily forgotten. So the importance of not putting our identity in anything other than Christ is imperative. That lesson was of course relearned when my childhood home burned to the ground in January. That place was life. And after 35 years of it evolving into what it was, 4 fire-y hours later it was gone. But the people and the memories weren’t. At any moment, anything we have built or worked for or created can be gone. After 8 months of 12-14 hour days grinding and hustling to create something in the marketplace, poof, try again. Had that been my identity, it would have crushed me. But more and more, I relearn that my career, house, fatherhood, marriage, bank account… those are not my identity. At any moment those can vanish. But we can choose to still be standing tall when the dust settles. Michael Bennett from the Seahawks was recently asked why he skipped voluntary workouts: football isn’t life. Life is life. What will I do when football goes away? I’m investing in my wife and kids so that when football gets taken from me, I still know who I am. (paraphrased)