Super Kids

Our kids have super powers. They can see and hear EVERYTHING. The greatest way we can teach them, and the greatest way they will learn, is not by our preaching at them, but by how we are doing life. How we respond under fire. When we are treated unfairly, when someone cuts us off, when the bank account goes red…. How we treat other people and talk about other people behind their back, our kids will watch and mimic. Will we be known to our kids by our love and patience, or lack there of? And when we screw up, will they see us ask for forgiveness or simply sweep things under the rug? We aren’t perfect, but how we respond in shortcomings is as important as how we should have behaved to begin with. Listened to an incredibly inspiring interview of Ernie Johnson on the Story Brand podcast. Absolutely worth your time and the inspiration behind these words.


Sitting in the parking lot at church this morning while Indie sleeps in the back seat, and I watched a handful of mothers walk in with their kids, and no dads. While I know some of the dad’s may be working, many of these moms are single. Having to raise those beautiful kids alone. I can’t even pretend to relate to how hard that job is. But I imagine days feel pretty dark and rainy at times. Especially on Mother’s Day. I am reminded of our friend @danilarimore who’s husband Matt passed away recently without any warning. And our friend Lisa who founded @wearblue after her husband was killed fighting for our country. Today is for you, and all mothers. The secrets you hold in your heart of the pain and tiredness you carry, today they are heard. Of all the sacrifices you make day in and day out. You are recognized. This world turns because of all the effort you put in to being the best mother you can be. You are not alone. We are thankful for you and we love you. There is HOPE for you. So do not give up. The secret life of mom is a burden to heavy to bear alone, so lean on Jesus, for He loves you and cherishes you.


When there is opposition and oppression, especially from the enemy, that reminds us that what we are doing is good. Satan will always bring a full on assault when we are fighting to protect our family, our God, our hope. He will stop at nothing to derail us, which is why we must stop at nothing to keep fighting for what is right. And this can’t be done alone. We need an army of friends, mentors, pastors, anyone who has our best interests in mind. We also need the armor. A daily intake of the Word, bruised knees from prayer. It may get really uncomfortable, but that means we are on the right path. Always fight for what is right. Fight for your marriage and your family. Stick to your values, and align yourself with fellas who hold those same standards.

Walking around these walls again, I thought they would have fallen by now. But God, you have never failed me yet.

Cut it Off

It’s a pruning season. Time to cut out every possible thing that is taking up mental space, time and money that isn’t absolutely vital to our family mission. I have a tendency to care too much about all things, which means I pick up rocks that aren’t meant for me and stick them in my pack as I walk up the hill. Many burdens I wasn’t meant to bare. So without becoming apathetic, I’m just choosing to care a bit less about things that really aren’t my business or things that shouldn’t be taking my attention. It’s so easy for us to all of a sudden have too many irons in the fire. Generally this is because we aren’t funneling our decisions through our mission, vision and values. Or we don’t even have those 3 things written down. If you find yourself buried, in a fog, losing grasp of reality, create that mission and values, which act as guardrails, and start protecting your time, emotions, mental capacity… There are lots of good opportunities that come at us each day, but that doesn’t mean they are the right opportunities for us. It’s time to cut the fluff, narrow focus, commit, and follow through.

Rhythm and Rhyme

I’ve really been longing for some rhythm in life. It seems like every single road traveled has an unmarked speed bump. Totally throws you off and disrupts any rhythm. The key to long hikes and summiting is to find a groove. Sure there is pain in the thighs and lungs right out the gate, but after 30 minutes you mentally just lock in and go for hours and hours.

It kind of reminds me of Seahawks games. When was the last game you watched and felt joyful and encouraged after it, especially wins? Most wins, I still feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap and repent, because there hardly is any rhythm. The coaches and players say a win is a win. But for us fans, it often just feels gross.

Life has been that way all too often lately. Just out of sync and no rhythm. Get the car started and it dies (metaphor). Over and over again. Try one thing, no rhythm. Try another, no rhythm. Life, work, play, finances, faith; all lacking rhythm. Especially home life. Things get good for 2 days and a kid gets sick for 3 weeks. Oh and marriage? Date night once a quarter is not much rhythm. Everything is a grind. Even trying to find a rhythm is a grind. Will there ever be rhythm? Do these seasons last a fiscal quarter or a half decade? Have you found any tried and true ways to sustain rhythm? I never did hit the curve very well in baseball, even when I moved up in the box (opposing coaches hated it). How do you anticipate life’s curves and just keep on grooving like the Emperor (lama)?