When was the last time you headed out into the wilderness to just be?

Most likely too long. You don’t need to love the wild to go there. But you do need to get out of cell service more often than your current rate. Find a spot to pull over, turn everything off and just be. If it makes you uncomfortable, that just means you really need it. I challenge you to try it. Most guys I see could use an hour of completely distraction-free silence. It is in those few moments that you can clearly hear what your heart is saying. If the wilderness is to far, head to a nearby park or the waterfront away from cars and noise. You owe it to yourself to make this a habit. Every Thursday at noon my phone reminds me to do just that. I head for the hills, switch in airplane mode for an hour or two, and feel the anxiety and stress leave instantly.

But don’t forget to tell someone where and when you are going.