Opening Doors and Some Fantastic Opportunities

There has been no shortage of doors opening lately and some fantastic opportunities on the horizon.

Along with that, there has been a lifetime worth of resistance and trials, tears, confusion, heartache and failure.

In April of ’16, God clearly told me to “get ready.” In August when we asked God to move mountains so we could buy our first house and see some other dreams fulfilled, and when we got the keys in October, I dumbly thought the story was complete. It had just begun.

Today I was working on a worksheet reflecting on 2016; the wins, losses, lessons learned, and what to do differently for ’17. I told my friend @shaunnestor that I feel like I could fill out the entire 3 pages already for 2017 and it’s only the third week of the year.

Business launched after a decade of planning, family home burned to the ground, major family illness, business partnerships, financial disasters, major heartache for friends and family, incredible growth opportunity for existing business, the devil rising up an army to derail, God releasing leagues of angels to battle, parenthood victories, husbandry learning curves, family strongholds trying to strangle, investors, healing… And it’s only the 25th day of the year.

2017, you best ice up son. I’m coming after you.