Dad-ing during the holidays can be, well, hard

Dad-ing during the holidays can be, well, hard. Running around in traffic trying to save the day with last minute gifts, getting chewed out by family and still trying to make everybody happy, money flying out the door for so many gifts, broken families, drama… So much noise and often so lonely. A joyous season frequently spent frustrated.

At the end of the day, it is more about Jesus than it is about gifts and family gatherings. In every opportunity, smile, be kind to every single person you see, and do the best you can to make it special for your bride and kids.
It’s impossible to make it perfect. We can’t please them all. But the few little traditions and acts of service and kindness go a long ways. Make it simple and chill. Be patient and strong, and put on a smile, even when you want to throw in the towel. You got this.

On The Holidays

The holidays are meant to be such a fantastic time of year. But that isn’t the reality for many. I ran in to a pastor friend at Costco yesterday and I asked “how’s the holidays going?” He replied “well I’m in ministry, so, it’s interesting.” The holidays have a way of magnifying the issues of family, life, relationships, finances, sickness, and loneliness. There are a lot of lonely, and often, single dads out there that spend thanksgiving and Christmas alone. This one is for you. You are loved and appreciated. If the holidays are a challenge for you, even if you aren’t single and alone, let this be a challenge:

Don’t bury yourself in work. Avoid hanging out with the bottle every night. Try not to get lost in all 30 bowl games just to avoid your family. Find a way to bring joy this season to your life, and those around you. Get out and try something new. Serve at the mission or church. Or my favorite, take a drive with a friend out to the wild and breathe some fresh air.

You don’t need to be alone, or feel alone. Reach out to a friend and be encouraged. It sucks for the holidays to suck, but they don’t have to. Be encouraged! You are loved. The community of dad’s is a great place to find some peace.