Total Disaster

Yesterday was one of those days that started out as a total disaster. I was on the job and nothing was going right. Gear issues. Technical difficulties. At one point the thought crossed my mind that I should just leave and hand the check back. There was no way out.

After a pretty livid prayer, things started working out. At the end of the morning everything was back to normal. It cost me a ton of money to get bailed out of the situation, but it was still a miracle. The prayer was answered, though not how I hoped. My good friend Bryan reminded me later in the day the importance of recognizing even the littlest miracles.

These kinds of miracles happen every day in our families, and we must recognize them when they happen and give thanks. Our kids will see our gratitude and practice the same behavior. God wants to be involved in the little, minor details. And he will help us with those minor details and turn them into major miracles!